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Bike the Vote L.A. endorses Ryan Bell for Pasadena City Council District 6
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DSA-LA Recommendation

The Democratic Socialists of America-Los Angeles recommends Ryan Bell for Pasadena City Council District 6
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Why I’m Running

I’m running for Pasadena City Council because over the past few years I see a chasm between the needs of residents—my neighbors and fellow taxpayers—and those who oversee our community from city hall. The cries of our citizens are going unheard. Or, if they’re heard, they’re often ignored. We must also remember that we are a community, not just a collection of individuals. A successful city is more than passive individuals led by the most powerful. It is a community in which our individual well-being is connected to the well-being of others.

About Ryan Bell

Ryan has spent his entire career working for the empowerment of people and the betterment of communities. For the past 15 years he has fought for affordable housing, tenants rights, rent control, and ending unjust evictions and homelessness both locally and nationally.

Ryan is a member of the Pasadena Tenants Union, and on the steering committee for the Pasadena Tenants Justice Coalition. He works as the program director at the Secular Student Alliance, a national, higher education non-profit based in Pasadena, and serves as humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California.

Ryan has served as the Director of Community Engagement at PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) and was a pastor for 20 years before that.

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