Why I’m Running

I’m running for Pasadena City Council because over the past few years I see a chasm between the needs of residents—my neighbors and fellow taxpayers—and those who oversee our community from city hall. The cries of our citizens are going unheard. Or, if they’re heard, they’re often ignored. We must also remember that we are a community, not just a collection of individuals. A successful city is more than passive individuals led by the most powerful. It is a community in which our individual well-being is connected to the well-being of others.

Those who educate our children, repair our streets, sell us our groceries, keep our water clean, heal the sick, administer non-profits, and enrich our lives with their art—each one is part of the fabric of our community. We cannot live without them.

Arroyo Seco

For decades the residents of District 6 and beyond have fought—and finally won!—a valiant battle against CalTrans efforts to bisect our community with a freeway. But this battle was not won before scores of lives had been harmed. The wound of the 710 freeway extension has not yet healed and will not heal until we achieve justice for those in its wake. The land that was taken needs to be used for the public good and those that were harmed must be made whole.

I’m running for City Council because the residents of District 6 deserve a council member who is present in the community and responsive to their needs. Over 50% of Pasadena residents are tenants yet there are no tenants on city council. The needs of tenants in our city are brushed aside and ignored. Families are leaving Pasadena due to gentrification and the rising cost of living and as a result we are closing Pasadena schools.

We are facing a housing crisis and not keeping up with the state mandated creation of affordable housing. But even this must be done carefully so housing is not affordable in name only and lest we surrender democratic control of our community to outside developers who have no interest in Pasadena except to extract a profit from us.

Our city has a rich history which is visible all around us, but outside development interests don’t share the love of our community. They only see dollars. We have remarkable natural environments that needs to be preserved, history architecture that should be treasured and put to the maximum amount of good.

Pasadena is in a precarious place. Can we continue to be the rose of Los Angeles County that we have been for more than a century or will we continue down the status quo path as more and more lifelong Pasadenans get left behind?

I’m running for City Council because this is a crucial moment for our city and District 6 in particular. The status quo leadership that got us to this place is not the leadership necessary to take the city to the next level. We need bold new ideas for serious challenges. Pasadena has been a leader in the San Gabriel Valley and we can be again. I ask for your support!

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